Expropriation - 15:00 Monday URB-03

Session focused on the law, practice and impacts of the exercise of eminent domain authority. Focused on the public purpose justification, the procedures of exercising this authority, and the compensation for losses. Attention in this session was also given to what the recipients of compensation do with their payments. Suggestions for improving the exercise of eminent domain authority included: making the process more transparent and participatory, providing life-long pensions instead of lump sum compensation payments, and retransferring land back to its original holders if the public purpose is not fulfilled. - Peter Veit, WRI

Institutions to Manage Common Lands - 15:00 Monday RES-03

This session included research experiences in Fiji (on traditional rights and systems) and Kenya (on community wildlife management) as well as on institutional reforms by the Kenya Land Commission. Some of the presentations in this session included propositions and theories.

We presented our CRP model for improving land governance that was well received by the audience. Some questions arose on the topics of sustainability of the model (payment issues) and explanations over the critical nature of land issues in Odisha. One comment received was that it positively depicts the use of research that has helped in improved programme implementation and encouraging a proactive government. - Sibabrata Choudhury, Landesa's Senior Manager and Acting State Director, Odisha

Communal Level Property Rights In the Face of Risk Management - 17:00 Monday RES-04

This session included presentations on community land in Liberia, conservancies in Zimbabwe, social tenure forms in the Caribbean and community marine resource tenure and governance. Two common themes of the presentations were the benefits of secure local tenure and of participatory processes. Individuals and communities with secure rights are less vulnerable to natural disasters, less dependent on government support and have incentives to invest in their lands and other properties. - Peter Veit, WRI

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