Background and Video Interviews with Kenyan Leaders

Kenya is in the midst of land reform that has far-reaching implications for securing the land rights of rural people (upward of 32 million in 2011), and promoting political stability and economic development. 

The reform is based on a National Land Policy (NLP), adopted in 2009 after years of consultation.  Since then, the country has also adopted:

In 2013, the government formed a National Land Commission to act as the lead agency in land matters, working with the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development (MLHUD) and county-level institutions. 

The Commission has developed a five-year National Strategic Plan to guide implementation of the NLP. Its five strategic focus areas are:

  • Devolution of land management (to run land administrative and management functions at the county level)
  • Land Registration
  • Natural Resource Management
  • National Land Information Management System
  • Resolution of Land-related disputes.

A Community Land Law, which will devolve ownership and governance of certain lands down to local communities, is required by the Constitution and is expected to be passed in the near future.  

In March 2014, a delegation of leading Kenyan government officials and civil society representatives presented the policy at the World Bank’s Land and Poverty Conference in Washington DC. 

Click on the videos on the right so see interviews with several of the delegates.


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  • paola rivera (29th October 2014)

    land grabs. lack of connectivity between external investments and affected persons/communities. marginalization

  • joseph mwaura kamau (13th October 2014)

    lack of clear demarcation of mandates of the ministry of land and National land commission.

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