What do land tenure security and food security have to do with one another? A lot. However, only recently has this relationship begun to receive the attention it deserves. 
As Africa celebrates the “Year of Agriculture and Food Security,” the celebration is also a call to action, as agricultural development is urgently needed.  One-in-four people in sub-Saharan Africa remain undernourished, despite the region’s abundant resource wealth. 
In this brief, learn about new studies that shed light on the relationship between food security and secure land rights, including studies conducted in:
  • Ethiopia: where female-headed households strongly benefitted from land registration;
  • In Malawi, where smallholders who were able to acquire more land dramatically increased crop productivity;
  • In Zambia, where children whose families lost land received 11% fewer calories per day
Across Africa, some 65% of the labor force relies on agriculture for their livelihood, making land rights and food security inseparable. 
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Africa Secure Land Tenure brief cover

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