Burkina Faso is leading the way to a new kind of land law reform.  With innovative community land charters, they are formalizing people's right to common property for equitable and sustainable use.  The Burkina Faso government spoke with all stakeholders involved as it rewrote the national land law to reflect local realities.

In this brief, learn about:

  • The background to Burkina Faso's participatory approach to law making;
  • The history of land law and enforcement in Burkina Faso;
  • Conflict triggers that crystalized the need for land reform;
  • The role of innovative local land charters in formalizing customary rights to common property;
  • Decentralization of land management authority to local governments;
  • Safeguards to secure and advance access to land by women and other vulnerable groups.

Burkina Faso's new land governance framework lays the foundation for a positive shift toward harmony and prosperity.  The key now is its flexible implementation to make it work for people and their many evolving needs for land and natural resources.

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