JUNE 2014.  The rise in large-scale land-based investments in Africa and other regions has prompted governments, international organizations, business, and civil society to develop numerous guidelines, elaborating principles to protect the livelihoods and rights of local people.

Learn more in this brief about several of these guidelines, including:

In addition to the above guidelines, the United Nation’s Committee on World Food Security (CFS) has been developing the Responsible Agricultural Investments (RAI) Principles, to be adopted by the CFS General Assembly in October 2014 (see RAI draft here).

Socially responsible and financially sustainable investments are those that respect, protect, and strengthen land rights of women and men; respect community land such as forests or pastoralists' grazing pastures; improve local livelihoods and agricultural productivity; and achieve reasonable long-term investment returns.

These many guidelines and experience on the ground suggest basic principles that should guide responsible land-based investments.  

Download the brief (right), Responsible Investment in Land, by Darryl Vhugen, to find out more.

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